Concepts,Tools, and Resources

Discover the tools and strategies of high performers

  • Leading with Character

  • The Power of Journaling

  • Stress and Resilience 

  • Energy Management

  • The Power of Story

  • Mental Toughness

Character - The Only Way to Win

Living by your core values fuels your energy and helps you align with what you want most.

The Power of Journaling

Olympic Gold Medalist Dan Jansen and
Dr. Jim Loehr reveal the power of journaling and what it can mean for you.

Stress and Resilience

How well do you bounce back after a set-back? Recovering and healing are a strategic component of growth and change.  Recovery brings repair.

Energy Management

How do you balance your 

time and energy?  Are you aware of and intentional with your energy-related choices? 

The Power of Rituals and Change Management

Rear Admiral Ray Smith (Retired) unearths the key tool that helps people in making long-term changes.

The Power of Story

Harvard Medical School's affiliate Institute of Coaching discuss the importance of story and narrative in shaping one's destiny.

Mental Toughness and the 16-Second Reset

We can learn the skills of quick recovery, and with practice we can process and respond well to the unexpected changes we face.