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Recent Media Appearances

Many of Dr. Loehr's most valuable insights can be learned from his recent media appearances.

Jim was recently a keynote speaker for Engage Quility National Conference 2023. His presentation, "The Power of Energy Management" can be seen below. Big thanks to Symmetry Financial for empowering me to share this content. They truly are an exceptional organization!

I recently delivered a presentation entitled The Power of Energy Management for the Corporate Athlete at the Engage Quality National Conference 2023. There is no doubt that Symmetry Financial Group is a fully engaged organization!

In the podcast, Loehr shares his philosophy and practical approaches to building healthy and high-performance teams, including:

  • Listening to the most important coach no one hears but you.

  • How to reset your energy to be fully present and positive at work and at home.

  • Keeping that engagement-promoting hormone oxytocin flowing through your team. << LISTEN TO THE PODCAST >>

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