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Jim Loehr's latest book, SAPIENS REINVENTED available Dec. 1.

Saving the Species from a Deadly Evolutionary Flaw

Sapiens Reinvented begins by tracing our species’ penchant for aggression and violence back to deeply embedded genetic codes. The book then delves into the heart-wrenching ramifications of these genetic predispositions. A particularly alarming manifestation of Sapiens coded vulnerabilities is the propensity to dehumanize those deemed different or threatening. Labeling them as “others " or " outsiders” often gives a perceived moral license to commit unspeakable atrocities to ensure their own survival and that of all their descendants, no matter the moral or ethical cost!

Over millennia, these primal urges have molded the moral compass of humanity, influencing how we discern right from wrong.

Finally, Sapiens Reinvented shines a beacon of hope amidst this bleak analysis. It presents a tangible solution to rectify humanities inherent flaw, bolstered by rigorous scientific evidence from fields like neuroscience, epigenetics, and social-emotional learning research. The book furnishes a detailed 20-week training regimen premised on the belief that the most promising prospects for positive change lie with today's youth. Thus, it seeks to equip key influencers with tools to nurture a more compassionate, empathetic generation.

The book will be available online or can be ordered from your local bookseller on December 1, 2023.

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