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Jim Loehr recently appeared on the Mi-Fit Podcast with DJ Hillier. Listen below!

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with Dan Kiernan. Listen to Dr Loehr talk to CTC Host Dan Kiernan about:-

  • How he started working with his first tennis player, Tom Gullikson

  • His time working with Jimmy Connors & Nick Bollettieri´s Tennis Academy (now IMG Academy)

  • Why he thinks more players aren´t travelling with sports psychologists…yet.

  • How to train mentally and emotionally.

  • Tips to help build your confidence.

  • His belief that character strength can be built in the same way that muscle strength is built, through energy investment.

  • The Hidden Scorecard – the importance of having different success measures.

  • His time working with Olympic gold medal speed skater Dan Jansen.

  • Advice to parents, players and coaches who don´t have access to a sports psychologist.


Updated: Jul 8

with Rob Dube. Watch one of Robe Dube's recent leadership chats unfold via Zoom with performance psychologist Dr. Jim Loehr, EdD. You'll see them talk about everything from minimizing stress to finding your true purpose and so much more.