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Why Character Is Destiny - Mark Crowley Interviews Dr. Jim Loehr

Updated: Dec 4, 2020

Listen to Mark Crowley's Podcast Lead From The Heart, where he and Dr. Loehr explore why character is destiny. Listen to the episode here.

Each and every one of us can be vulnerable to a moral collapse.

Without building up our muscles of integrity, the dark side of power can push us into a realm where we never thought we'd go. In this episode, Jim Loehr shares his most informed insights on what behaviors will shore up our character, prepare us to successfully handle leadership power – and always keep our dark side at bay.

According to Duke University researcher, Dan Ariely, every human alive has a built-in dark side. And while we are motivated to view ourselves as having good moral character, we’re also driven by a desire to benefit as much as possible by taking short-cuts – cheating. “Even the most holy among us are vulnerable to moral collapse,” says Loehr.

While we might hope otherwise, character strengths such as integrity, trustworthiness, humility, compassion, and justice are not hard-wired into human beings at birth. Instead, they must be developed the same way any muscle is developed through dedicated and consistent focus and work. Learn how you can practice character-strengthening exercises each day. Order Leading With Character today - Amazon Link


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